How to discard unwanted items before moving

For those items that are too valuable or need special handling we have some great resources. And if the task is just too overwhelming we have a great recommendation for help!

kitchen staging tips for home sellers

A few kitchen staging tips can help diminish the lack of upgrades, or if you have a budget for upgrading I have some tips as to what buyers are looking for.

selling your home with the end in mind

Putting your home on the market can bring up all kinds of emotions if you are not prepared.  Emotions  range from not knowing what the future holds, and starting new. All the unknowns can leave one stressed and full or anxiety. If you Begin with the end in mind when selling your home, your focus […]

Lifestyle staging for Portland Metro Real Estate

The stagers who understand buyers try to stage a home to fit the lifestyle of a particular demographic. Each Portland, Oregon neighborhood has a distinct culture or style that defines the community. Of course, communities may have several cultures or sub cultures. Generally, though, one area-the suburbs, for instance– will require a different lifestyle staging […]

Staged price or list price

You most likely will want the very most net equity from the sale, and quick and painless process. This is where the list price vs the staged list price will help you come up with an educated and informed decision.
The list price is based on the comparative market

Quick check list for home sellers

While your home is on the market you may only have a few moments to prepare for a viewing. Being prepared ahead of time with a quick check list for home sellers will save you the stress of keeping your house presentable. There are a few things we tend to forget which are important while […]

Maximize curb appeal to sell your home

Its’ Springtime one of the best times of the year in Portland, Oregon to showcase your home for sale. First impressions start with great curb appeal. The right look can add thousands to the value of your listed home. According to the National Association of Realtors, 63% of home buyers will drop by after viewing a […]

Why staging still matters in a sellers market

Why Staging Still Matters in a Seller’s Market In a market where home inventory is low, your sellers may think that their home will move in mere minutes—and at a price that defies even the loftiest expectations. When left untethered, these dreams of big prices and warp speed sales can spell disaster—and major disappointment—for you […]

Value of staging in a sellers market

Value of staging in a sellers market It might seem obvious that staging is required in a buyer’s market, but the practice is just as important in a seller’s market. “In every market, every seller wants the most Money for their home.” Everyone knows that your home is only worth what a buyer is willing […]

staged children’s rooms gain quicker home sales

Staging children’s rooms has helped many homes sell quicker by making a home more memorable. Staged homes always help connect prospective buyers to a home, and  given the right demographic adding a room staged just for children may help you sell your home for more money! Stagers often envision who will buy the home, their […]

Front doors and selling your home

When selling your home, your front door is one of the first features buyers will see while viewing your home. Most buyers will preview MLS listings  before they choose which homes they want to view in person. Your front door will either make your home stand out, or will fade into the background and possibly […]

When a listing fails to bring in offers.

When a listing fails to sell add a Realtor who knows the power of staging.

Advice from a Professional Home Stager

Check out Lisa’s interview with about home staging!

Adding value to your Real Estate business with a Stager

It’s  the New Year and if your like me, you are filled with Great Expectations especially with the excitement of a rising market! This the time when we plan for a year of great success! A time for strategy and building upon a solid marketing plan. How will you increase your client base this year? What strategy […]

Holiday staging tips for home sellers.

Selling your home during the holidays in Portland Oregon can be a challenge with rain, longer nights, and holiday festivities distracting potential buyers. On the bright side, there may be less competition with only motivated buyers looking. If you are selling your home during this time, you may be wondering how, or if you should […]

Staging a home for sale in Portland

Staging a home for sale in Portland is a special challenge when the house has been in the family for many years.   When an aging parent can no longer care for themselves, the family members must take on the burden of preparing the family home for sale. It can be a daunting task  to figure out […]

Selling your home by connecting buyers to your space

Imagine Home Staging and Design has helped hundreds of Portland area Homeowners sell their homes faster with more realized net equity. We do this by standing by our tag line “Connecting People To Spaces” It’s no secret when selling your home you want buyers to emotionally connect to your home in order to bring in solid […]

De cluttering: 10 easy tips for selling your home

  My Realtor clients have heard me say “The way we live and the way we sell are two different things” to every client I meet. I know, I am not one to talk, clutter is a very real part of my life and I fight with myself over it daily! However, when you are […]

Gain more equity and multiple offers in the sellers market

Many Realtors and homeowners will want to take advantage of the sellers market to obtain multiple offers and to gain more equity. If you want to sell for up to 20% more, and possibly gain multiple offers, I highly suggest you invest in presenting your listed home to it’s best advantage with staging and updates. […]

Selling your home with pets

Portland Oregon ranks 3rd with the largest population of pet ownership across the country. If you are selling your home, owning a pet can pose all kinds of problems. Of course we all adore our pets., but in order to get TOP PRICE for your  home, some adjustments must be made. Just think, selling it faster […]

Selling your home with home staging

When selling your home, you want to  make the most of your investment. Home staging can be a sure way to increase the selling price of your home and help it sell faster. Everyone markets everything they sell, and staging is just that… marketing your home to appeal to it’s targeted buyer. Everyone buys based somewhat on […]

Home updating trends for marketing your home

Traditional Kitchen design by Minneapolis Design-build Great Neighborhood Homes  If you are selling your home in the near future , you will want to take a look at the latest home trends. We are transitioning into a new phase which may effect your choices in updates. When it comes to selling your home, maintaining your […]

Imagine Stagers at Street of Dreams 2012

Imagine Home Staging and Design had the privilege of working with Stone Bridge Homes NW to design the interior of NW Natural 2012 Street of Dreams home “The Oregon Dream”. See more details here: