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“I never have worked with a group that has been so on the spot when it come to interior design.  You guys make it happen!” – Troy

Home style experts, Portland Oregon home stagers

General Design & Consultation Services

“When you do what you love, it becomes a gift to the world.” Lenny Shipley, Professional Artist and Painter, Imagine Home Staging & Design

Our approach goes beyond suggesting the addition of a layer of paint. Our desire is to enhance your life by creating warm and welcoming spaces for you to live in, for your guests to enjoy, and families who are interested in purchasing your home to experience.

Color and texture can transform a lifeless room into a showplace. Color sets the mood of a room, reflects your style, and makes a personal statement of what your space means to you. Texture adds character and dimension, providing additional layers of nuance capable of imitating an endless array of visual and tactile effects.

At Imagine, we draw on our home style expertise to help you create a space that reflects who you are. By carefully listening to you and working with your vision, we create possibilities that are an expression of you, your family, and your lifestyle. We use only the highest-quality products and strive to use eco-friendly products that meet environmental requirements without compromising performance or aesthetics.

Design & Consultation Services we offer include:

  • Interior color recommendations
  • Finishing (flooring, countertops and fixtures) suggestions
  • Color consultations
  • Furniture, accessories and decor placement
  • Exterior paint, landscape and curb appeal recommendations
The possibilities are endless!
Home style experts, Portland Oregon home stagers, curb appeal


Like all custom products, our Staging and Design Services are designed to your specifications and as a result, are unique. Since there are so many factors taken into consideration for each project, we feel it would be a disservice to list package prices on our website.

We have developed a very precise way of determining your Staging and Design needs! We start by gathering information to gain a detailed understanding of your values, wants, needs and budget. Then, we put together a proposal including 1 to 3 options to not only address your desires, but to also fit within your budget. Our team can do as much or as little as you want!

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to give us details about your needs and project.