selling your home with the end in mind

Putting your home on the market can bring up all kinds of emotions if you are not prepared.  Emotions  range from not knowing what the future holds, and starting new. All the unknowns can leave one stressed

and full or anxiety. If you Begin with the end in mind when selling your home, your focus will shift away from all the what if’s, and instead will focus on the successful sale of your home.

7 Ways To Sell With The End In Mind

1. Think of your home as a product.

Letting go of the emotional connection will help you stay focused on the end result- the successful sale of your home. Think of selling your home as a business transaction.

2. Market your home as a product.

The way we live and the way we sell are two different things. Make sure your home is depersonalized, clean and clear of clutter. The home should look, feel and smell fresh. Read how to prepare your home for open houses and viewings with our Quick Check List for Home Sellers.

3. Set realistic expectations of the value of your home.

What you find valuable in your home or what specifically inspired you to purchase it may not be the same for potential buyers

4. Leave the home during viewings

You want Buyers to focus on the house and not your presence. When buyers are uncomfortable, they can’t envision themselves in the home. The key to solid offers is making sure buyers emotionally connect to the home, which is difficult when the homeowner is there.

5. Understand criticism

When buyers criticize your home don’t take it personally. If you hear the same criticism many times and it’s something you can change, listen and make the change. Remember many times interested buyers are the most critical.

6. Be realistic when setting your price

Starting with the right price in the beginning will save your home  from lingering on the market. The first few weeks of listing your home are the most critical. The longer a house sits on the market the faster it becomes stale, buyers loose interest or give much lower offers.

7. Envision yourself living life in your new home in a  positive manner.

A change in scenery can have a very positive effect. It forces new patterns and awakens our sense of adventure. Beginning with the end in mind can help you attain a successful selling transaction, and help you transition to your new life with less stress.



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