kitchen staging tips for home sellers

A beautiful and workable kitchen is always on the top of any buyers must have list.  If you are a seller this can be a little scary if your kitchen could use some updating.  A few kitchen staging tips for home sellers can help diminish the lack of upgrades.

Here are some of the top tips I give my home sellers for staging their kitchen

West Linn staged kitchen

West Linn staged kitchen. Imagine Home Staging loved staging the kitchen


Clean, clean and then clean some more! Make sure all surfaces are spotless and all appliances sparkle. Be sure to clean or freshen the grout if needed. Wash the windows.  Run fresh lemon halves through the garage disposal.  Make sure you have a clean up routine for viewings and for the open house. Refer to our quick check list for viewings


Organize and clean your pantry. This is a good time to go pack or throw out items that you don’t frequently use. A good tip is to put your dried beans and rice in glass canisters in your pantry. It will look orgainzed and less cluttered


flowers in the kitchen add warmth

flowers in the kitchen add a bright toucDe-clutter:

De clutter:

Buyers desire spacious kitchens. If your countertops are filled with utensils and appliances they will think there isn’t enough room for storage. I advise my clients to keep only one appliance, usually the coffee maker, as it’s usually the most used appliance.  Store knives, as they are a safety hazard. Remove all refrigerator magnets, photos, to- do lists from the fridge or work station. Clean and organize drawers and cupboards, yes, buyers will look inside, remember to replace dingy drawer liners. Be sure to wash your windows


Some quick and easy updates are always a good way to get a good return on your

Kitchen after staging

Painted Kitchen cabinets. Imagine Stagers

investment. If your budget is small these are a few of the updates I frequently recommend.  Change the hardware. New and updated hardware can make a huge difference in updating your cabinets. If your cabinets are worn and outdated and your budget is small, hire a professional painter to paint them. White is a popular choice and can lift the look of the whole kitchen. Add a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen walls. Replace the faucet for an instant update.  Add new and updated lighting fixtures or pendant lights. If your appliances are worn and outdated buy new, but don’t go overboard on the latest and greatest. Buyers still lean towards stainless steel. New countertops or even a new backsplash can alot of value. Check out this link from Resa on what stagers highly recommend for updates.

Stage it!

When I stage I keep it simple. You want to keep buyers attention on the best features of the kitchen. If your kitchen is small, make sure that there is only one or two staging props. A recipie book placed next to the stove with a potted herb makes a nice statement, or beautiful cooking oils. A bowl of fresh lemons or oranges on the countertop adds color and appeal. Fresh flowers in the breakfast nook brighten the mood.  Keep your props in groups with only two or three items. Depending on the size of your kitchen, try to keep it to just 1 to 3 staged areas.  Keep in mind the word Fresh when staging your kitchen, fresh and clean speaks volumes to potential buyers when viewing your home.



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