Selling your home with pets
Portland Oregon ranks 3rd with the largest population of pet ownership across the country. If you are selling your home, owning a pet can pose all kinds of problems.

Of course we all adore our pets., but in order to get TOP PRICE for your  home, some adjustments must be made. Just think, selling it faster will reduce stress for you and your pet!

It is a touchy subject , but as always it is best to plan ahead when listing your home. I suggest if you can, let a trusted friend or relative take care of your pet while it is listed, it may improve your chances of selling your home faster, For some that may be out of the question, so make a plan for showings, Take the dog to the dog park,  or hire a dog walker, pick up all the dog toys, and be sure to clean the litter box and air out the house!

I asked some of Portland’s top Real Estate experts what recommendations they had for buyers to make offers on pet inhabited homes.

Some of their stories may surprise you, as we all think our pets are well behaved, but do you know how your pet acts while your home is being shown? You want buyers to feel relaxed and able to” feel “the home and it’s environment, pets can distract, bark, bite, smell and scare potential buyers away.

Following are their suggestions:

Christopher Johnson of Windemere : “Clean, Clean and then Clean!  I say always remove pet’s when you have a showing”

Tascha Gamroth of Keller Williams : ” We will often ask them to remove evidence of them and to make sure they are out of the flow areas of the house. Also if it is a barking dog, we often ask that the dog to be gone, or in the garage so people can feel comfortable during showings.

Kathy Amorin Of Realty Pro: ” Make it a point to contain them..even if you think the are friendly, they may not be to strangers coming to the house… I know mine is not… and yet she looks so sweet. I even had a cat bite me!”

Judie Dunken Of Keller Willams: ” So many people have allergies, sellers should be concious of that.
I currently have a buyer who will not look at any house if they currently have animals. Also, some cultures do not think of pets the way we do, and they can be a Very Big market!”

Darcy Edwards Of Knipe Realty: “I personally love animals, and this can be a touchy subject for home seller and buyer. Buyers who may have pets of their own, may not feel the same about other peoples pets when possibly purchasing a house.  Cat’s can be the worst,  if they urinate on carpeting it never comes out. so replacing the carpet as well as the pad is the best option.  Have a third party do a sniff test, and clean everything!”

As Oregonian’s we know that pets are members of our family, and we want the best for them, so the faster we sell our home the easier it will be for us as well as or furry friends!

By the way, I am not surprised that we rank so high in pet ownership!


















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