staged children’s rooms gain quicker home sales

Staging children’s rooms has helped many homes sell quicker by making a home more memorable. Staged homes always help connect prospective buyers to a home, and  given the right demographic adding a room staged just for children may help you sell your home for more money!

Stagers often envision who will buy the home, their lifestyle, as well as how the potential buyer will live and use the space

Staged and sold 30,00 over asking

Staged and sold 30,00 over asking

Buyers move for many reasons, and depending on the demographics, we find that in some neighborhoods it has to do with wanting more space for their children, or better schools. Perhaps it can be Grandparents who need to downsize, but want to be sure there is plenty of room for visiting Grandchildren

Of course not every buyer has children, and not all homes require staging for them, however staging with the little ones in mind  in the right home has brought our clients many quick offers and successful closings.

Often children accompany their parents while viewing a potential home, and imagine their surprise when they find stuffed toys, chalkboards and little people furniture to keep them occupied while the parent views the home. Parents may spend more time viewing the home because the kids have found something to occupy them , and the home will be viewed in a favorable light for both parent and child. Children get very excited when they see a bedroom staged with a bed their size with fun accessories and art work! You can bet they will claim that room as their own, children can be a strong inflence on their parents on choosing a home that feels right.

This is why Imagine Home Staging has been staging some homes with children’s play rooms and bedrooms for the little ones.

Imagine Home Staging believe’s that a successful staging leaves a positive emotional connection for the whole family.


staged and sold in 1 week

staged and sold in 1 week

West Linn staging full price offer

West Linn staging full price offer



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Lenny and Lisa are fantastic to work with! They are approachable, affordable and offer great feedback in regards to...

Posted by Patti Jensen on Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lenny and Lisa are amazing!!!! Thank you to Imagine Home Staging for creating a gorgeous space that is "picture perfect". True professionals, great to work with and have an amazing gift for design.

Posted by Teresa Harbert on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Great people, great furniture, solid service. I've worked with Lenny and Lisa several times and haven't been disappointed yet. I truly believe my properties sell faster because of their staging work.

Posted by Matt Loosemore on Monday, December 28, 2015