Tips for Staging Your Bedroom

A bedroom, to anyone, is a fortress. It’s where you go at the end of the day, or during it—naps are important—to decompress and rest. It’s a personal space, and one that is meant for you and perhaps a partner. This goes to show that if you’re in the process of selling your home, you want to make sure that any potential buyers who view the property see it in the same eyes that you do.

Obviously, your living and decorative styles may be different, which is where staging comes in. Staging is meant to prep a home by providing a neutral level of comfort and homeyness. Today, we’re going to discuss some tips for staging your bedroom.

1) Keep it simple

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Maybe you’re into colorful tapestries and abstract art, but that doesn’t mean that the next person is going to be. When it comes to staging a home, try to keep the decorations as objective as possible. The point is to make the bedroom appeal to everyone, and for almost every potential buyer to think “hmm, I can see myself living here!” The decorations shouldn’t distract people to what’s important about the room. For example, stick to things like delicate wall art, lamps with neutral shades, and a solid colored comforter. While it may seem “boring” to you, it’ll help people visualize the bedroom as their own bedroom rather than someone else’s.

2) Don’t take up a lot of space

You can make just about any sized room look like the master bedroom just by taking advantage of space and being smart about placement. If the room is smaller, try a full-sized bed rather than a queen, limit the amount of decorations per square foot, and maximize space by placing furniture in the right spot. For example, a bed may take up less floor space if it’s placed against a corner rather than in the center of the room, against the wall.

3) Be up to date

This circles back to the “keep it simple” rule, because simple can mean just about anything. We suggest going with a more modern approach, especially when it comes to any sort of lighting. Modern tends to be a bit more sophisticated nowadays, and it can appeal to the demographic of people searching for a new house, which is a bit younger. Some modern home staging tips include strategically placed accent furniture and grouping decorations, such as a stack of books alongside a unique plant.

4) Hire an expert

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Unless you’re an interior designer, you might be a bit dumbfounded on where to even start. The best answer is to just hire someone who knows the ropes. When it comes to selling something as expensive as a house, taking it into your own hands and making a mistake can cost you thousands. An expert knows staging a bedroom like the back of their hand, and can potentially make the sale just that much more successful.

Imagine Stagers in Oregon have staged countless bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more. When it comes to staging a bedroom be smart, simple, and sophisticated. For more information on staging any room in your house, call Imagine today!


Guest Author: 
Julia Aldrich
Content writer, and real estate blogger



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