Value of staging in a sellers market

Value of staging in a sellers market

Beaverton staged living room-imaigne stagers

Beaverton staged home sold in 4 days.

It might seem obvious that staging is required in a buyer’s market, but the practice is just as important in a seller’s market. “In every market, every seller wants the most Money for their home.” Everyone knows that your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay and even in a seller’s market, there are going to be variables in each area and with every home that may make one more appealing than the other. The better your home shows, the more it will sell for and no matter what the market, everyone likes more money.

A staged home shows as warm and inviting, which makes it emotionally appealing to buyers which may results in above-asking cash offers. In a hot market, buyers can go into feeding-frenzy mode, focusing on the hot property of the week and ignoring the others. So you want your property to be the hot one, with buyers going crazy in their efforts to outbid each other.

For Realtors, a hot market means more people will jump into real estate, believing it to be an easy money endeavor. More competition means more agents will be looking for ways to get a Sellers’ business and some will use discounted commissions as a way to attract business. How will you compete with these discount agents? Will you reduce your commissions or will you find ways to add value?

The good news is Staging is a tool that helps you KEEP your commission and compete with discount brokers by bringing measureable VALUE to the table. Because Staging a house has been demonstrated to bring 5-20 percent MORE for a Seller with either a better starting price, multiple offers, and higher than list offers, you help the Seller increase their net profits by more than they are asking you to reduce your commission. Paying you as a full service Realtor that does not discount and includes Staging you are bringing them a tool that helps them get MORE for their property. Your 1 to 1 ½ percent that you do not discount to compete with discount agents brings your seller up to 5-20% more so you are helping them net much more than they are asking you to give up.

Your professional Home Stager is your key to keeping your commissions, not having to work harder – just work smarter. And because your listings will look better and sell faster, you will become the “go to” agent in the neighborhood which will increase your number of houses sold each year!

When you have a way to help Sellers get the best price possible they should want to use it. When you know a tool like this exists you should want to share it with all your Sellers. Whether the Seller invests up front in the Staging or the Realtor helps cover the investment as part of their listing services, the fact is both parties will end up recouping more than the Staging investment with a house that is sold at a great price.



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Lenny and Lisa are fantastic to work with! They are approachable, affordable and offer great feedback in regards to...

Posted by Patti Jensen on Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lenny and Lisa are amazing!!!! Thank you to Imagine Home Staging for creating a gorgeous space that is "picture perfect". True professionals, great to work with and have an amazing gift for design.

Posted by Teresa Harbert on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Great people, great furniture, solid service. I've worked with Lenny and Lisa several times and haven't been disappointed yet. I truly believe my properties sell faster because of their staging work.

Posted by Matt Loosemore on Monday, December 28, 2015