3 Steps to Create and Stage a Home Workspace

These days, most people need a home office and a space for kids to do schoolwork. This may mean rearranging their current space, but many are choosing to move to a new home with more suitable space instead. Which means if you’re selling, it’s prime time to include a home office in your staging plan. What if your current space doesn’t have room for these workspace demands? Before you resign yourself to selling your current home without a home office or homework station, let’s explore some ways to stage a home workspace, no matter your home’s layout.

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1. Change your mindset.

Instead of thinking you don’t have a space for a home office, determine to find one. People in all sorts of living arrangements have created a home workspace for themselves during the pandemic. You may not have the ideal place for one, but there is most likely a spot in your home where you can position an attractive home office. It’s a must, because top on today’s buyers’ “must have” list is this dedicated work-from-home space, followed quickly by a homework station for their kids.

2. Scope out the possibilities.

A spare bedroom makes an ideal home workspace. It has ample room, adequate lighting, storage, and a door for quiet and privacy. But you probably have other options available to you as well. You can stage a formal dining room as an office. Just make sure there is another area for the family to gather for a meal. 

Don’t forget to check in those hard-to-use places like landings, hallways, and lofts for either a home office or homework station. Even a closet or space under the stairs, if staged well, can become a welcome space in which to do business. You can even craft an oversized living area to hold this space.

School Areas for Kids was Important to home buyers in 2020

3. Design the space.

You want your home workspace to feel welcoming, as spacious as possible, and an easy place in which to concentrate. To accomplish this, all you really need is a desk, a neutral color palette, and some tasteful accent pieces. 

If you need to, declutter. Remove papers, pare down the number of books, and take out extra gadgets and technology. Depersonalize the space so potential buyers can envision themselves in the space. 

Don’t forget about lighting, especially as we head into the darker months. An accent rug, plants, and mirror will further warm up the space and add a bit of personality. 

In those smaller spaces, consider a narrow desk with beautiful artwork above, a natural fiber rug to separate the space from the rest of the room. A small lamp and a few plants will complete the look of a cozy, efficient, welcoming workspace.

Remember, all people need is a jumping off point to start their dream. When home staging points them in the right direction, their imagination can fill in the details with their own lifestyle and belongings. By suggesting a dedicated workspace by arranging a desk in an organized, stylish fashion, you’ll help your potential buyer see the possibilities. And they’ll feel confident that no matter what comes, your home’s layout and design will be able to accommodate it.



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