5 Simple Steps to a Bathroom that Sells

We’ve all heard it said that the kitchen and bathroom sell a home. And it’s true. We all know the best parties happen in the kitchen. And everyone wants the bathroom to feel clean and brand-new, like no one has ever used it before. So how can you make one stand up to a potential buyer’s scrutiny and create a bathroom that sells? Follow these simple steps below.


1. Consider any upgrades.

A full bathroom remodel is out of the question for most sellers. And most of the time, you don’t get a full return on your investment. (According to Zillow, a mid-range bathroom remodel will only recoup 70.1% of your investment.) These larger improvements may include a new tub or shower, sink upgrades from single to double, a low-flow toilet, or new tile or flooring.

Smaller scale investments may be ones you could hire out or even do yourself, like painting the walls or cabinets, swapping out light fixtures, updating mirror frames, replacing faucets, and adding towel bars. These may seem like small things, but when they’re each done thoughtfully, they can create an overall sense of sophistication that woos almost any buyer.



If you’re unsure what to change or how to bring together a bathroom that sells, consider a consultation. We can guide you to your best decisions based on style and architecture and the overall flow of your home.


2. Repair anything that’s broken. 

Unless they’re emergencies, you may push off home repairs and enjoy activities that are more fun. After all, who wants to fix the squeaky cabinet or leaky faucet when there are kids’ soccer games to attend and yard parties to host? 

Take a slow walk through your bathroom and notice anything that’s not functioning properly. Does the faucet drip? Is the caulking at the back of the shower peeling up? Take the time to fix any of these things.


3. Deep clean.

Once you repair everything, take time to do a thorough, deep clean. Remove the mineral buildup from the shower head. Replace the dingy shower curtain. Scrub the grout until it sparkles. Use a scrub brush on the toilet, inside and out. You want this room to feel spotless.

Because trust with a potential buyer is tenuous, and you want to give them every reason to believe your bathroom is sparkling and shiny and safe enough for their baby’s bubble baths in the tub and long, hot showers on a Tuesday evening.


Hallway bath staged


4. Remove any personal items.

Pack away any personal decor. Put your hygiene items like razors, training potties, and used washcloths away out of sight. Clear out your shampoo and soap bottles and bars. Tuck away the plunger and toilet scrubber. Remove the air fresheners. No one wants to think about bathroom things when standing in someone else’s bathroom. 


5. Stage it like a spa.

You want this room to feel bright and airy. Buy some new fluffy, white towels that are used only for showings. Purchase a light, neutral colored fabric shower curtain. You want potential buyers to envision themselves relaxing and indulging in this space. 


Portland staged master bathroom


By following these 5 simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a bathroom that sells. Your buyers will be willing to submit a higher offer because they can envision every experience in your home as comfortable and easy. 



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