How to Choose the Best Exterior Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Have you ever stopped to admire a bright orange house? Maybe in south Florida, but probably not here in the Pacific Northwest. Moving into such a standout home might be difficult for some. Exterior home color can either be a turnoff or a huge draw to potential buyers. And you want to choose the best exterior paint colors to sell your home quickly and profitably.

For the most profitable sale, you want to stage your home. And your home’s exterior paint color is part of this staging process. Sellers often panic at this step and ask:

  • Do I need to paint?
  • Should I paint the inside and the outside?
  • What color should I choose?

Reasons to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Before we address your color options, let’s review the reasons you may need to paint your home’s exterior. One of the most important? You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And you want to make a powerful first impression — one that keeps your home at the top of your potential buyer’s wishlist. If your home is looking the least bit weather-worn, consider fresh paint so your curb appeal is as inviting as possible.

You’ll want to choose a color that merges with the neighborhood, not one that sticks out in all the worst ways. If your home currently stands out against the crowd, consider repainting before you sell.

How to Choose Your Home’s Exterior Color

You’ll want to consider the following things when choosing your home’s exterior color.

  • The surroundings. Your home should feel like it fits comfortably in its environment and enhances its natural surroundings.
  • The neighborhood. Your home color should complement the surrounding homes, not fight for more attention.
  • Your home’s materials. Most stone accents will need a different color palette than brick or stucco. Work with the natural materials of your home to bring out and enhance their beauty.

Recommended Colors for Your Home’s Exterior

Just as there are best choices for the interior color of your home, there are best exterior color choices to sell your home. The following colors are popular right now, and homes with darker exteriors are making a powerful impression on the market.


Griege is the combination of gray and beige, and makes for a strong first impression. It’s warm, natural, and easily blends with most home materials.


While most people don’t likely dream of living in a gray home, the color is versatile not only with materials but also with architectural style. You can use a gray exterior on a classic older traditional home and on an ultramodern home. Light gray provide a modern look, while darker gray speaks of sophistication. And if gray still isn’t your thing, think slate or wrought iron instead.


Lighter blues used to be all the rage, but experts are loving the darker, richer hues available for today’s homes. Consider navy, slate, or deep royal blue.


Natural greens like sage and forest allow a home to nestle into the surrounding landscape. With this color, your home can feel like an easy extension of the floral surrounding it.

Soft Yellow

This buttery exterior color invites people into warmth and comfort. It evokes a sense of charm as draws in potential buyers from the curb.


Tans and beiges might sound boring, but there’s a shade that can match almost any natural material. From the grays and blues of stone to the warm richness of wood, you can find a tan or beige that’s suitable to highlight any building material and any home style.

Don’t forget the accent color

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Your home’s accent color has the potential to enhance or sink the overall impression your home gives. Your doors, any shutters, and trim work colors are just as important as the main exterior color you’ve chosen. An easy way to choose this color is by making it a different of your primary home color. Going lighter or darker can help make any color combination choice stress-free. Make sure you’ve chosen your accent color before you paint. Most paint companies provide color schemes, which may help you make your choice more confidently.  If you’re uncertain, consult an expert.

Choosing the right exterior paint colors to sell your home is a big decision, and you want to make sure you get it right the first time. But the right decision can enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase your profitability.



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