How to Make a Home Listing Inviting During Warmer Months

For your home listings to be enticing, they need to keep pace with the seasons and for warmer days that means bright, fresh, and colorful. While we’d never suggest repainting walls in bright colors because we know that neutral colors sell better, we do have some simple, easy-to-implement tips for home staging during the summer months that will help make a home listing even more inviting.


5 Tips for Staging During the Summer Months

Refresh Your Entryway

Take a step back from your front door, and look at it objectively. You want to welcome potential buyers from the moment they step out of the car. Consider adding some plants and seating. Potted herbs can make your entry pleasantly fragrant and invite people to linger. Make your front entrance feel like a place where people can see themselves spending an evening with a drink in hand.


Let In the Sunshine

Make sure all your windows are sparkling clean when staging during the summer months

Summer in Portland means oodles of sunshine. And after a winter of rain and darkness, there’s nothing your potential buyers crave more. Make sure all your windows are sparkling so they can let in every possible ounce of bright light. Clean any glass light fixtures so they are cobweb and streak-free. Trim back any trees or bushes that block the light. And pull back any window coverings so the view is irresistible.


Add Fresh Flowers Throughout

Add fresh flowers when staging during the summer months

Nothing says a delightful summer better than fresh-cut flowers. They add color, a beautiful scent, and are the image of thoughtfulness. Depending on the arrangement, they can enhance the elegance of a room or bring a touch of whimsy. They can also provide a sense of calm, which can be especially helpful for potential buyers trying to make what many would consider a stressful decision.


Add Colorful Produce to Your Kitchen Counters

Your kitchen can be another area where you can add a simple yet effective delight for your potential buyers. Spring and summer produce bursts with color, and there’s nothing like helping them envision an evening of entertainment filled with fresh food and flavors. If you’re not sure what to include, take some time to observe the produce section of your local grocery store. Grab a beautiful bowl or container and mound it with freshness. Green, red and yellow bell peppers. Brussel sprouts paired with cauliflower or yellow summer squash. Even a glass bowl filled with lemons can be an elegant touch.

Add colorful produce when staging during the summer months


Extend Your Dining Area to the Backyard

Summertime in the Pacific Northwest is perfect for outdoor dining. Extend your living space by adding a dining table to your patio or backyard. Help potential buyers envision carefree days with family and friends, enjoying the sunshine, fresh food, and deep connection. This simple addition can also make your home feel much larger than it might otherwise.


Everything you do should help your buyers envision a relaxing, enjoyable, enchanting life in their new home. Bright, airy living spaces, fragrant rooms, and space to stretch out will provide the perfect opportunity for them to dream about a future they can’t resist. Staging for the summer months is essential, but it’s also easier than you might imagine.



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