Our Top Neutral Interior Paint Color Choices that Stand the Test of Time

Strategic home staging can make the difference between a potential buyer’s passing glance and a profitable sale. As more and more people begin their initial “house shopping” online, it’s even more important that you provide an engaging listing. But what catches the eye and what makes someone slide past without a second glance? It often comes down to color, but not in the way you might expect. Learn how neutral interior paint colors can be a powerful advocate for a faster, more profitable sale.


The Right Paint Colors are Eye-Catching

Contrary to what traditional marketing tells us, you don’t want bold pops of color to grab people’s attention. These vibrant, aggressive colors will definitely catch the eye but for all the wrong reasons. Every home buyer has a unique taste. Trendy, bright colors are polarizing and you don’t want to give a potential buyer any excuse to look past your home. For this reason, don’t follow color trends as you prepare your home for the market. Instead, focus on light, neutral interior paint colors. These will serve as a calming backdrop to the life a potential buyer can live in your home.


The right neutral interior paint colors are eye-catching


The architecture of the home often dictates the style of the staging. Staged pieces may be modern, mid-century, or vintage, but almost always they are monochromatic. Neutral interior walls help bring all these pieces together and add a quiet stability to the presentation.


There are two basic rules with interior paint colors for home staging:

  • Keep it neutral.
  • Keep it light.

For this reason, light grays, varieties of white, beige, or greige are on our go-to win list. No matter which neutral interior paint color you end up choosing, stick to one or two colors throughout your home. This creates a flow and stability to the walk-through experience for potential buyers. It also ensures that anything the buyer brings into the home after purchase will not clash with the walls.


The Right Paint Colors are Profitable

Staging your home with the right colors can help you more quickly and for more money. The investment to set a neutral foundation, then build on it with strategic home staging is one that is well spent and will be returned to you exponentially.

Staging your home with the right colors can help you sell more quickly


Realtors: If prepping a home for the market seems like a daunting task for your clients, we can help. We can advise on not just paint color, but also cost-effective updates and finish selections like tile, carpeting, and lighting. We always approach everything strategically for online presentation, in-person walk-throughs, and the most profitable outcome. To learn how to include staging in your pre-listing package, download our free marketing tool!



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