Featured Project: The Colorful Cottage

We were able to sit down with Lisa Shipley to talk about this Colorful Cottage project they very recently completed. Here’s her insight on how the project went and how they accomplished their goals.

Q: What was the name of this project and why?

A: We called this project the Colorful Cottage. When we previewed the home before listing every room in the home was painted a different color — including the trim.


Before and after of the Colorful Cottage bedroom, where the walls were painted Agreeable Grey.

Q: What neighborhood was this Colorful Cottage in?

A: Woodstock


Q: Who was your target buyer?

A:  The home is a two level home with a large lot. We felt it would appeal to a young, urban family.  


Q: Who was the client for this project?

A: Caralen Law Of Hasson was the listing agent. She contacted us to advise the sellers on possible repairs and interior painting. And to discuss the advantages of staging the home as well.

Colorful Cottage Dining Room


Q: What challenges did you overcome?

A:  One of our stagers, Deb Garris Jones, provided a pre-listing consultation for the homeowners. She advised the sellers to paint the main focus rooms a neutral color. Since the home felt dark with the deep red color in the living and dining areas, Deb suggested they paint the walls Alabaster White.

The home was built in 1940 and the floors had settled a little so in order to draw less attention to the settling she advised them to paint the trim the same color of Alabaster but to cut the paint by 20%. She suggested Agreeable Grey for the master bedroom which is a warm grey that compliments most homes.  

Before and after of the Colorful Cottage dining room, where the red walls were repainted Alabaster White to draw the eyes up and away from the settling, 1940s floor.


Q: What features were you focused on showcasing?

A: At first glance, the dining room light fixture looked rather large for the space. However, we decided to play off of it with some industrial features. We added a large reclaimed wood table with metal chairs for the dining area and then pulled some leather and metal in the living room with the accent chairs. After staging, we loved how the large light looked and how it added a unique feature to the home.

 We loved the natural landscape of the house. The owners planted a wisteria vine which grew along the roof line of the house. The lot was very natural with mature trees and had a wild urban cottage feel. We played off of that feel with a  green mid century style green couch. We also pulled in some green art in the master bedroom to remind the potential buyer of the great extra large lot in the back of the house.   
The home was on the market for only 2 days and had 3 offers, all over asking!
Colorful Cottage Living Room

The green couch in the living room compliments the beautiful wisteria vine and mature trees outside.

We applaud the Realtor Caralen Law and the homeowners for recognizing the need for fresh neutral paint and for the value of home staging. It really makes us happy when we can help homeowners gain the most equity from of the sale of their homes!


Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this story. We love the beauty you showcased in this home and the way the staging highlighted its very best features. 


If you’re interested in learning more about staging or would like to talk about the difference staging makes in the sale of your home, we’d love to connect!




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