Your Stale Listing Deserves a Second Chance

Most Realtors will stear clear of expired listings.

Are you reluctant to take on a stale listing or re-list a home that has met with low appeal and even lower offers? What if that listing hasn’t received a single offer?


Fortunately, there’s an easy solution that can help freshen a home’s appearance, bolster interest and generate offers in these listings that also allows you to be profitable. But first, let’s explore the reasons a listing expires.

The Causes of a Stale Listing

A real estate listing can expire for many different reasons. The home may be overpriced, in a tough location, or simply fail to appeal to the target buyer. While you can’t change the location or any major structural issues in the home, you can still refresh a stale listing, make cost-effective improvements, and start securing solid offers.


Staging can refresh any listing

Home staging can give that stale listing a new life. It’s an investment that’s easy for you and your client, is sure to garner more attention, a higher price, and a shorter stint on the market. Not only do we stage with furniture and artwork, we consult on cost-effective improvements that will garner more interest in the home and help bring in offers.


Instead of turning down or re-listing a stale listing, you can easily refresh it with home staging. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Staging can turn a vacant home into a home that buyers respond to.
  • Staging helps buyers envision how they would define and live in the space.
  • Because staged homes look and feel warmer and more inviting, they spend less time on the market.
  • Strategic staging takes the focus off any defects in the property.
  • Staging makes a somewhat outdated home look more updated and desirable.
  • Staged homes are more appealing online and help buyers envision the potential. As a result, more buyers are likely to schedule an in-person tour of a staged home than an empty one.



Home staging is the most powerful remedy for a stale listing.

Not only can home staging make your listing appealing to the right demographic, it increases your potential for a higher offer and decreases the home’s time on the market. Happy buyers means happy sellers, and that’s the basis for referrals and business growth.



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