Our Process

At Imagine Home Staging & Design we are honored to help you explore the infinite possibilities and visualize your home’s potential. 

If you're ready to position your house to reach maximum sale with minimum time on the market, we're ready to get started.

Here’s what our process looks like…

STEP ONE: Touring your house

The first step to our work together is to visit your home and do a walk-through.

We come to your home equipped to determine the lifestyle of the potential buyer, style of the home, and key selling areas. Measurements are taken of the proposed project area(s) keeping in mind which rooms we recommend be staged and which areas are less desirable and need to be diminished.

With our training and knowledge we put an eagle eye on each area and consider design elements that will be needed.

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STEP TWO: Preparing our estimate

Considering all aspects of your house and the staging project at hand, once our on-site tour is complete, we imagine what is possible. Using our experience and design perspective, we see your house in a fresh way so we can create a custom bid for your unique house.

Staging requires an objective and professional assessment of a home's strengths and challenge areas. We'll put an action plan together to help buyers fall in love with that they see.

Give us a few days to put together a free estimate and we'll send over the proposal as soon as possible.

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STEP THREE: providing a proposal

Our proposals include pricing, what is included in the service we're providing, terms, and other details about the entire project from planning all the way to destaging - moving our furniture and decor out of your sold home.

We're happy to review the proposal with you and answer any questions you might have.


STEP FOUR: Signing our contract secures your staging date

Once you decide to move forward with hiring Imagine for your staging project, we obtain a signed contract and payment, which secures your staging date.

We'll work with you on timeframes and will look forward to being on-site as agreed.

STEP FIVE: We get to work on planning & furniture selection

With a contract in hand, we're off to the planning stage. Our team will carefully select items for the home, making strategic decisions on color, size, textures and preparing for staging day.

Our goal is creating a space people want to live in, and one that potential buyers relate to with a goal to present a lifestyle geared towards the targeted buyer.

Since we believe that staging should never overwhelm the home, your house will be functional and inviting with a calm and warm simplicity.

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STEP SIX & FINAL: Staging day!

On the day of staging, our team shows up with furniture and decor, ready to showcase your home's best features and potential!

We'll just need 4-6 hours to finish our staging work and our home style experts will fill your house with warmth and color, increasing its beauty, value, and buyer appeal.

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Pre-Listing Consultation Service -

Real Estate agents often offer their selling clients our Pre-Listing Consultation Service which includes a 90-minute property tour that covers everything from curb appeal, to cost effective repairs and updates we recommend, all the way to room flow, decluttering, and depersonalization of living areas.

We enjoy working with many Realtors in the Portland metro area and beyond to supply their clients with professional insight on the most pinpointed details of what will sell their home.

What are you waiting for?

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