Interior Paint Trends for 2024

Your choice of paint color can greatly impact the sale of your home.

Get ready for fresh perspectives and cozy vibes in interior paint trends for 2024. Gone are the monochromatic color themes in multiple shades of gray. This year, people are bringing more warmth and nature into their homes. According to a recent survey of interior experts and stagers, Fixer found that 81% of pros recommend warm neutrals for interiors when selling a home.


In this article, we’ll delve into five paint color trends that are shaping the aesthetics of interiors this year.


Nature-inspired Hues

interior paint trends for 2024

2024 brings a notable shift towards nature-inspired paint colors that artfully blend indoor and outdoor beauty. Soft greens, earthy browns, and placid blues are the primary colors being used in interior design, promoting a sense of calm and tranquility. These colors establish a connection with nature and have the power to turn any space into a serene sanctuary.


This spring, take a walk through your neighborhood and draw inspiration from the colors you see — the lush greens of fresh growth on the trees, the warm brown dirt in the garden, the milky blue of the sky. To sell you home well, use these same earthy colors but pull back on their intensity until you reach a light, soft tone.



Warm Neutrals with a Twist

We brought in PNW natural textures to keep everything cozy

Grays are out, warm neutrals are here to stay, but neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. In 2024, neutrals are getting a fresh update with hints of warmth and depth. Think creamy off-whites, warm greiges, and soft camel tones. These colors create a flexible foundation for any decor style and instantly add warmth and comfort to a room.


When staging, complement this warm wall color with rich wood accent pieces and some warm natural greenery and other natural fibers.



Artistic Pastels

Pastel shades are making a comeback in a more artistic and modern way. Soft blush pinks, muted lilacs, and powdery blues are being used to add subtle pops of color to interiors. These sophisticated pastels can be layered together for a sophisticated look or used as accents against a warm, neutral backdrop for a touch of whimsy.


While we love these pastels, we don’t recommend using them for home staging. Fresh flowers on a table and a few soft throw pillows on the couch will bring in all the sophistication you’ll need to sell your home without investing in the permanence of paint.



Natural & Matte Finishes

warm pastels for an accent wall

Natural finishes and matte paint are all the rage this year. In past years, we leaned on satin for its durability, but technology has improved to where flat finishes are just as scrubbable.


Manufacturers make eco-friendly paints with low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) ingredients. These paints reduce the environmental impact, including lower interior air pollution. This positive health impact is a great selling point to potential buyers!


Paint powders (raw finishes) are another healthy option that has a matte finish. They’re typically more environmentally friendly than their glossy or satin counterparts, and have don’t include as many toxic chemicals. Plus, the result looks homey and comfortable. (Check out this guide to eco-friendly paints from This Old House.)


As you prepare your home to sell this year, remember to echo nature in all your decisions. This shift of interior paint trends for 2024 reflects the beauty we see all around us here in the Pacific Northwest. Include nature-inspired hues, warm neutrals, artistic pastels, and natural finishes. These trends offer endless possibilities to transform your living space and create a vibe that’s uniquely yours.


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