Adding value to your Real Estate business with a Stager

staged living room

Living room staged by Imagine Home Staging

It’s  the New Year and if your like me, you are filled with Great Expectations especially with the excitement of a rising market! This the time when we plan for a year of great success! A time for strategy and building upon a solid marketing plan.

How will you increase your client base this year? What strategy will gain your client’s the “IT” factor in hiring YOU as their trusted Realtor? What separates you from the pack?

The most successful Realtor’s I know have added a stager to their marketing plan.

Home owners are realizing the need for staging and for a professional touch to help their home stand out and to gain the best possible price for their home. HGTV has not only changed how sellers market their homes, but the expectation of home buyers. Today’s buyer’s now expect homes to be staged and move in ready. Those that are not, tend to linger longer on the market and face lower offers.

The Realtors I work with mention they will be bringing in a stager to help the owner properly prepare the home for sale.

To the Sellers who need a bit of education on the value of staging, the Realtor explains that in order to get the best possible price, and to sell it quickly, the home must be properly marketed to the targeted buyer.  They explain that staging can reduce the the listing time by 50% and increase the selling price by more than 17%! Elements that impact 72% of first impressions are within the control of the seller. They explain that a staged home makes a very positive impact and shows beautifully on line and in person.

The response from many Realtor’s are, ” When I mentioned I was bringing in a stager the sellers immediately signed the contract, I feel that mentioning the stager added even more value to my service.”

Most seller’s already know the importance of a properly prepared home, and are aware that the return on investment and time will not only secure their asking price, but may even help them gain more equity. More equity means more value!

 So if you are planning on of adding more value to your clients and more commission to your bank account, add a stager to your marketing plan.




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