7 Staging Hacks For Every Home Seller

When it’s time to sell, it’s time to take a fresh look at your home and how you’re using it. Over time, you’ve probably put up with a few things you don’t particularly like, personalized it a bunch, and turned a blind eye to cords and clutter. There’s a good chance you’ve added a pet or two as well. Which means you need a few staging hacks to make living in a market-ready home easy and stress-free. 

1. Declutter

It’s work to keep a house ready to show at a moment’s notice. One of the most impactful things you can do is pare down your belongings. The less you have, the more spacious your home feels. Go through your bookcases and remove everything you don’t really need. Do the same with your shelves. Take some time in your closets, removing clothing, shoes, and anything else that makes it feel packed to the brim. Your home will feel like a breath of fresh air with anything possible to anyone who views it. 
We staged the Strand with a chaise lounge to encourage the potential buyer to relax in the space

2. Use Staging Linens

Don’t even think you can keep clean, beautiful linens that are pleasant and perfect, even with only a 15 minute warning. Instead, have a set of staging linens for the bathrooms. (Follow these additional tips for staging your bathroom.) You pull these fluffy white towels out of the closet and hang them quickly and easily. They’ll make your bathroom shine. (This is one of our favorite staging hacks!)Freshen up your bed with decorative pillows and fresh shams. You can easily set these aside at bedtime, but artfully arrange them each morning. If you want something even easier, grab a bed-in-a-bag and see how easily it brightens up your bedroom. 
large main suite staged with warmth and texture

3. Follow the Rule of 3

We quirky humans find odd numbers far more attractive than even numbers. This applies to artwork, vases, candlesticks, and even fruit! Any vignette will benefit from this odd-number rule.(It also helps to vary the height as you go.)If you’re stuck or trying to make a corner more memorable, use rule for furniture as well. (Think chair, side table, and wall art.) And color! Let two colors be the staple in your space, but add a pop of a third color to add interest and personality.

Follow the rule of 3 when staging your home

4. Have Invisible Pets

Your dog or cat is part of the family — you even have pictures of them on your refrigerator. But when you’re showing your home, you want to hide any evidence of your pets. Slide their food storage and food and water bowls neatly into the pantry. Pack away their toys into a pretty basket on a bottom bookshelf. If they use a crate, find a spot in your garage that’s inconspicuous but easy for storage. When you get that call for a showing, you’ll be able to move these things quickly, and have a little extra time to lint-roll the furniture. 

5. Pack Away Paperwork

You probably have a spot for all your mail, bills, and important paperwork. While your home is on the market, keep these papers in a file storage box so you can take them with you when you run out the door. That way, your personal information is safe, and your counters are clear. 

6. Hide Your Cords

Over time, you stop noticing the charging cords in the dining room. And the power cords hanging off the desk in your home office. (Find more tips for staging your home office here.) For showings, you want to hide all these cords. Cable management is a minor detail that can make a big impact. Zip tie or velcro together any extra length. Hide lamp cords under rugs. Use cord sleeves to merge multiple cables. 
Hide your cords when staging a home office

7. Clean Often

Keeping up a showing-ready home takes work. Assemble a small cleaning caddy with essentials so you can easily do a quick spot clean where needed. Consider a short morning and evening cleaning routine to keep things manageable. Keep spare garbage bags in the receptacles so you can remove trash and insert a fresh bag on your way out the door for each showing.When you use these 7 staging hacks, you’ll be able to transition easily and quickly from lived-in to luxurious for each and every showing. And you’ll command a higher price when you confidently present the unique features and beauty of your home. 



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